Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

The following is the Skilled Technical Sciences program descriptions aligned with national occupations from O*NET.


Facility and Mobile Eq Maintenance Pathway

Auto Body Repair
DESE CIP Code 47.0603 – O*NET Code 49-3021.00

Repair and refinish automotive vehicle bodies and straighten vehicle frames.

Sample of reported job titles: Auto Body Man, Auto Body Repair Technician (Auto Body Repair Tech), Auto Body Repairman, Auto Body Technician (Auto Body Tech), Body Man, Body Technician (Body Tech), Collision Repair Technician (Collision Repair Tech), Collision Technician (Collision Tech), Frame Man, Refinish Technician (Refinish Tech)

Auto Mechanics
DESE CIP Code 47.0604 – O*NET Code 49-3023.00

Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul automotive vehicles.

Sample of reported job titles: A/C Technician (Air Conditioning Technician), Automobile Mechanic (Auto Mechanic), Automobile Technician (Auto Technician), Automotive Technician (Auto Technician), Drivability Technician, Heavy Line Technician, Lube Technician, Oil Bay Technician, Quick Service Technician, Service Technician, ASE Master Mechanic (Automotive Service Excellence Master Mechanic), Auto Technician (Automotive Technician), Automotive Drivability Technician, Automotive Mechanic (Auto Mechanic), Automotive Service Technician, Certified ASE Master Automotive Technician (Certified Automotive Service Excellence Master Automotive Technician), Master Automotive Technician, Master Technician, Mechanic, Transmission Rebuilder

Motorcycle Mechanics and Repair
DESE CIP Code 47.0611 – O*NET Code 49-3052.00 

Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, dirt bikes, or similar motorized vehicles.

Sample of reported job titles: All Terrain Vehicle Technician (ATV Technician), Custom Bike Builder, Master Motorcycle Technician, Motorcycle Mechanic, Motorcycle Service Technician, Motorcycle Technician, Motorsports Technician, Scooter Mechanic, Service Technician, Shop Foreman

Aircraft Mechanics Air Frame
DESE CIP 47.0607 – O*NET Code 51-2011.00

Assemble, fit, fasten, and install parts of airplanes, space vehicles, or missiles, such as tails, wings, fuselage, bulkheads, stabilizers, landing gear, rigging and control equipment, or heating and ventilating systems.

Sample of reported job titles: A&P Technician (Airframe and Powerplant Technician), Aircraft Line Assembler, Assembler, Assembly Riveter, Fabricator, Helicopter Technician, Sheet Metal Assembler and Riveter (SMAR), Sheet Metal Mechanic, Structures Mechanic, Structures Technician 

Aircraft Mechanics Powerframe
DESE CIP Code 47.0608 – O*NET Code 49-3011.00

Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul aircraft engines and assemblies, such as hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Includes helicopter and aircraft engine specialists.

Sample of reported job titles: Aircraft Maintenance Director, Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor, Aircraft Maintenance Technician (Aircraft Maintenance Tech), Aircraft Mechanic, Aircraft Restorer, Aircraft Technician, Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic (A and P Mechanic), Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT), Aviation Mechanic, Helicopter Mechanic 

Aviation Management
DESE CIP Code 49.0104 – O*NET Code 53-2012.00

Pilot and navigate the flight of fixed-winged aircraft on nonscheduled air carrier routes, or helicopters. Requires Commercial Pilot certificate. Includes charter pilots with similar certification, and air ambulance and air tour pilots.

Sample of reported job titles: Captain, Charter Pilot, Check Airman, Chief Pilot, Commercial Pilot, EMS Helicopter Pilot (Emergency Medical Service Helicopter Pilot), First Officer, Helicopter Pilot, Line Pilot, Pilot 

Heavy Equipment Maintenance and Repair
DESE CIP Code 47.0302- O*NET Code 49-9043.00

Lubricate machinery, change parts, or perform other routine machinery maintenance.

Sample of reported job titles: Lubricator, Machine Repairer, Maintainer, Maintenance Man, Maintenance Technician, Maintenance Worker, Oiler, Overhauler

Diesel Mechanics
DESE CIP Code 47.0605- O*NET Code 49-3031.00

Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul buses and trucks, or maintain and repair any type of diesel engines. Includes mechanics working primarily with automobile or marine diesel engines.

Sample of reported job titles: Bus Mechanic, Diesel Mechanic, Diesel Technician, Fleet Mechanic, General Repair Mechanic, Mechanic, Service Technician, Trailer Mechanic, Transit Mechanic, Truck Mechanic

Marine Maintenance
DESE CIP Code 47.0606- O*NET Code 49-3051.00

Repair and adjust electrical and mechanical equipment of inboard or inboard-outboard boat engines.

Sample of reported job titles: Boat Mechanic, Boat Motor Mechanic, Boat Rigger, Marine Mechanic, Marine Propulsion Technician, Marine Technician, Mechanic, Outboard Motor Mechanic, Outboard Technician, Service Technician

Small Engine Repair
DESE CIP Code 47.0606- O*NET Code 49-3053.00

Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul small engines used to power lawn mowers, chain saws, recreational sporting equipment and related equipment.

Sample of reported job titles: Chainsaw Technician, Golf Cart Mechanic, Lawnmower Repair Mechanic, Mechanic, Outdoor Power Equipment Service Technician, Service Technician (Service Tech), Shop Mechanic, Small Engine Mechanic, Small Engine Technician