Missouri is the first state to offer a SkillsUSA Fundamentals Course for college credit. Don’t miss out!

This course is supported by the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education Skilled Technical Science Division and will be taught by Kelli Engelbrecht. Missouri is the first state to offer SkillsUSA training as a college course. The credit is divided into three separate classes, with the one credit being awarded per class for a total of up to three college credit hours. The first class IS a pre-requisite for the following two classes.

Here are some FAQ’s for Special Projects in CTE: SkillsUSA Fundamentals

Who is this class for? ALL classroom instructors, including SkillsUSA advisors are encouraged to participate in this class.

When is the class? This in-person class will be held Thursday, October 6 in Jeff City during the District Officer Training Institute.

Do I have to take it for college credit? No, you may sign up to audit the course.

Is there a registration fee for auditing the class? There is a $25 registration fee to attend the pre-conference class. This cost will cover the lunch provided.

How much is the course if I want to take it for college credit? This course is offered through the University of Central Missouri and cost approximately $129 per college credit. Graduate credit also available.

How do I sign up? You can sign up to register for the class by clicking HERE.

Can I just take the online courses? This in person Fundamental course is a prerequisite for taking the online SkillsUSA Comprehensive Chapter Management 1 & 2 courses

Is there any pre-work? Before arriving to the class there will be a small amount of prep work which will consist of a short reading, viewing three short videos and answering reflection questions.

What is the homework? Students will have one week to create a lesson plan to teach a SkillsUSA Framework Essential Element for their classroom or a chapter meeting. The following objectives will be met:

  • Identify the challenge of meeting Industry needs
  • Recognize the role of the classroom advisor
  • Familiarize students of information found in the SkillsUSA Infographic — Mission, SkillsUSA
    Framework, Program of Work, and member success
  • Learn about the Essential Element components from the SkillsUSA Framework and how to
    integrate them into classroom and chapter activities
  • Preview the indicators of the Level 1 Chapter Excellence Program
  • Navigate the registration system
  • Learn to select, engage and utilize the strengths of student leaders

What are the following classes? The next two 1-hour courses, Comprehensive Chapter Management 1 and Comprehensive Chapter Management 2 will be online classes held during the Fall and Spring semesters. The Chapter Management 1 class will be held during the state fall leadership conference (EMPOWER) in Springfield at the Oasis on October 24. These classes will be centered on:

  • Election of officers
  • Running a chapter meeting
  • Using the Framework
  • Essential Element teaching resources provided by SkillsUSA
  • Generating a Program of Work
  • Successful activity planning
  • Expectations and outcomes of leadership conferences
  • Contest information and student preparation
  • Recognition through the Chapter Excellence Program
  • Other need to know items to have a quality program

Additional Professional Development Trainings Available: FREE!

Additionally, DESE is offering SkillsUSA Professional Development Trainings at no cost to your school.  You can view the workshops that are available on the attached document below or work with Kelli so we can meet your school’s needs.  There are a limited number of workshops so don’t wait, schedule your PD training today! Email Christy McElwain, SkillsUSA Missouri State Director at Christy.McElwain@dese.mo.gov or send an email to Kelli Engelbrecht at: kengelbrecht@skillsusa.org