Information for New Teachers

This section of the MTTA website serves as a resource for you to find the information you might need in future.

DESE’s Skilled Technical Sciences Website

Since the DESE website is very populated with a lot of information, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Here is a direct link to the Skilled Technical Sciences section on the DESE website.

Teacher/Educator Certification Information

Here’s the information on the DESE website about obtaining your certification.

Mentor/Protege Program Information

The Mentor/Protege program at DESE is a two-year program. Here are links that will take you to the DESE website.

TSA & IRC Information (Technical Skills Attainment & Industry Recognized Credentials)

The TSA & IRC information is updated annually. Be sure you check here each school year to see any changes that may have been made that may affect your program.

Common Criteria Quality Indicators (CCQI) Information

These criteria, along with the supporting quality indicators, are designed to provide guidance and direction to local school districts in establishing, maintaining, and evaluating quality career education programs.

The Office of College and Career Readiness has developed the Common Criteria and Quality Indicators for Career Education Programs. The six common criteria are:
Criteria 1 – Programs of Study (Secondary); Degree Program (Post-Secondary)
Criteria 2 – Curriculum
Criteria 3 – Instruction
Criteria 4 – Assessment
Criteria 5 – Career and Technical Student Organizations (or Professional Organization for Post-Secondary)
Criteria 6 – Program Management and Planning

Teacher Loan Forgiveness Information

The U.S. Department of Education (USED) administers a loan forgiveness program for teachers.