About MTTA

The Missouri Trade & Technical Association represents the Trade & Industrial Division of Career Education. An organization to support and assist trade and technical instructors in both secondary and post-secondary areas. This support consists of technical upgrades and workshops, as well as academic training. Thousands of secondary and post secondary students nationwide have ambitions to work in a field that they are passionate about, and make a living in the future doing it.

Purpose of MTTA

  • Unite in one state-wide organization those educators who are interested in trade and technical education
  • Establish and maintain active leadership in the area of trade and technical education
  • Render service in promoting trade and technical education
  • Provide an open forum for the study and discussion of all questions involved in trade and technical education
  • Promote professional relationships with other affiliated divisions of the Missouri Association for Career & Technical Association (Missouri ACTE), other agencies, organizations, institutions, and industries concerned with trade and technical education
  • Encourage the further development and improvement of all programs of vocational and technical education and supportive services
  • Emphasize and encourage promotion, improvement and expansion of trade and technical programs approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), Skilled Technical Sciences to meet the needs of secondary, post-secondary and adult students of Missouri
  • Support local, state and national legislation for Career and Technical Education
  • Promote better public relations and cooperation with industry
  • Develop high professional standards among the membership
  • Promote maximum participation in SkillsUSA