GEER II Funds Still Available

DESE announces there is still funding available in the Parent Reimbursement Grant programs using GEER II funds. This program provides reimbursement to parents for expenses associated with their students acquiring specific Career and Technical Education credentials.

PURPOSE: The pandemic significantly limited the ability of many parent to earn wages and therefore to support their students as they earned credentials for their own careers. Because developing a competitive workforce for high-demand jobs is a critical priority, Missouri implemented the Parent Reimbursement Grant to offset parents’ costs of credentials earned by students through career and technical education(CTE) and associated CTE instructional costs.

Schools receiving grant funds under this program may reimburse parents for the following costs associated with DESE approved career and technical education programs:

  • Industry Recognized Credentials
  • DESE approved Technical Skills Attainments
  • Stackable credentials
  • Dual Credit as defined by the current authorization of the Carl D. Perkins Act

Amended February 2, 2022: DESE is providing additional allowable uses for these grant funds. Parent Reimbursement Grant funds may be used to reimburse for the following costs.

Equipment and clothing purchased by the student/family required for the student’s CTE training. Examples include but not limited to:

  • Industry and school-specific professional dress (uniforms, official CTSO required dress, etc.)
  • Industry-specific Tools
  • Industry-specific specialty equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Examples:
    • Carpentry – tool pouch/bag, tool belt, tools, hand-held power tools
    • Automotive & Diesel (hand-held) computer diagnostic / test equipment, tools, tool box
    • Culinary – capes, hat, knife set
    • Welding – PPE auto-darkening helmets, leather capes, sleeves, gloves
    • Nursing / health sciences – stethoscope, scrubs
    • Auto Collision Repair – hand tools, paintless dent repair tools, finish spray tools, etc.
    • Electrical / Electronics: Digital scan tools, digital multi-meters (DMM), etc.

LEAs have broad flexibility to structure their reimbursement programs. Programs may be structured to reimburse the entire cost of each credential earned or may provide reimbursement on a percentage basis. Reimbursements may be made on a flat rate basis for each credential earned. LEAs should examine their local data, including enrollment and historical rates of earning credentials when designing their programs. LEA may request reimbursement for successful completion of Career Technical Education (CTE only) Dual Credit or Credential/Attainment, and student training equipment and industry specific professional clothing expenses as outlined above. LEAs may reimburse any eligible cost incurred between March 13, 2020 and September 30, 2023.

Read more about this opportunity here!

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