1st-3rd Year Law & Public Safety Teachers: Free training!

Law and Public Safety (LPS) CTE teachers are the HIGHEST in teacher attrition! 50% are gone in LESS than two years! LAPSEN is making its mission to stop this. The reason most cited for leaving – not feeling supported and lack of preparation. 

Let’s start to address this – LAPSEN is offering New Teacher Orientation (NTO) to any 1st-3rd year teacher for FREE. We are also offering any participating teacher FREE LAPSEN membership if their state is not yet a member. That is how committed we are to stop the loss of LPS teachers and improve their transition into the classroom! 

Teachers can register at https://lapsen.org/nto 

Please share with CTE admin, district admin, teacher newsletters and any other way so we can make sure we get the word out to new teachers. 

Please let me know if you need anything from LAPSEN to support your teachers. We solely exist to support you and LPS teachers. 

Dr. Thomas Washburn, Retired Educator
Executive Director
Law & Public Safety Education Network
735 Stratforde Drive
MIlton, Ga 30004
(404) 692-2994

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