Drone Pilots Needed!

There are open positions that might be of interest to counselors and students.

Agri Spray Drones is a full-service drone sales firm focused on helping producers and landowners utilize unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in liquid and granular application based in Centralia, Missouri.

They are currently seeking drone technicians to service their customers’ fleet of drones. This is a budding career in the ag tech field as we see the rise of drones in the agriculture industry. The drones are modular builds so knowledge of RC builds and/or repairs in general coupled with the willingness to learn can garner them a position in this new field with lots of room to grow. You can learn more about the position at the link below. 

Position: https://agrispraydrones.com/drone-technician/

If you have any questions feel free to call Kit Carlson at 573-316-9529.

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